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The 2023 Moto2 season marks the start of Triumph's fifth season powering Moto2 as Exclusive Engine Supplier. During this time, the Triumph 765cc triple powerplant has redefined the category, setting lap record after lap record and helped supercharge the next generation of MotoGP superstars.

With a number of developments made by Triumph to the 765cc triple, in 2023 the engines are now producing more power right through the rev range, all the way to a higher 14,400rpm limit (increased by 400rpm), to deliver better performance and acceleration.
More power and engine speed required stronger engine components, so pistons have a higher-grade material and rods, crank valves and springs are all new. Higher flow inlet ports and revised cam profiles enable an increased mixture flow into the combustion chambers and cylinder pressure and compression have been increased.  
All this gives the riders more when it comes to lines and race craft, leading to more opportunities for overtaking and even better racing.